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  1. Add One Add One
  2. Anita Guy Anita Guy
  3. Archie Ajay Jackson Archie Ajay Jackson
    bass, electric
  4. Detroit Gary Wiggins Detroit Gary Wiggins
  5. Doris Long Doris Long
  6. Emmett Wheatfall Emmett Wheatfall
  7. Glynn W. Pettiford
  8. Jamie Lebish Jamie Lebish
    bass, electric
  9. Jorge Luis Torres Jorge Luis Torres
  10. Josephalan Fears Josephalan Fears
  11. Knoel Scott Knoel Scott
  12. Michael Massaro Michael Massaro
    sax, tenor
  13. Motown Jazz Cats Motown Jazz Cats
  14. Peter Hand Peter Hand
  15. Piers Lawrence Piers Lawrence
  16. Quintin Gerard W. Quintin Gerard W.
  17. RJ Sumingsang Saway RJ Sumingsang Saway
    guitar, electric
  18. Roman Miroshnichenko Roman Miroshnichenko
  19. Sal La Rocca Sal La Rocca
    bass, acoustic
  20. Scot Lee Scot Lee
  21. Steve Habib Steve Habib
  22. Thomas Lorenzo Thomas Lorenzo
    guitar, acoustic
  23. Tico Pierhagen & Aguabajo
  24. Vassil Petrov Vassil Petrov
  25. Winfield Davis Winfield Davis
    bass, electric
  26. Zeki Çağlar Namlı Zeki Çağlar Namlı
  1. [no cover] Jack Bruce
    Jack Bruce: L'ascension, Olivier Messiaen (November 05, 2014)
  2. [no cover] Dom Minasi
    Free Jazz Versus Free Improvisation (October 17, 2014)
  3. [no cover] Malonie Carre
    Take Five With Malonie Carre (September 28, 2014)
  4. [no cover] Dom Minasi
    Practice, Do You? Part 1-3 (July 15, 2014)
  5. [no cover] The Four Freshmen
    The Four Freshmen: Tradition and Innovation in a New Century (February 28, 2014)
  6. Snarky Puppy and Lalah Hathaway at Jefferson Center Snarky Puppy
    Snarky Puppy and Lalah Hathaway at Jefferson Center (February 01, 2014)
  7. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    The Power of Jazz (January 30, 2014)
  8. [no cover] Dr. Yusef Abdul Lateef
    In Memoriam: Dr. Yusef Abdul Lateef (December 30, 2013)
  9. [no cover] Jef Lee Johnson
    Ode to Jef Lee Johnson: The Promise of Lovolution (February 22, 2013)
  10. [no cover] Dr. James Polk
    James Polk: Recipes from the Doctor (April 13, 2011)
  11. This Could Be the Start of Something Big Andy Farber and His Orchestra
    This Could Be the Start of Something Big (November 12, 2010)

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